Saturday, June 23, 2012

Turns Out We Have Vehicles

Rummaging through the treasure trove that is the box of random toys in my son's collection turned up these little numbers.  Perfect scale for 10mm gaming, but I have only the vaguest memory of picking them up years ago at the local library's used book sale of all places.  These were part of some clicky game or other - MechWarrior if memory serves.  We only ever had the two bases of them.  The bigger one was labelled "MIT M.A.S.H. Vehicle" and the other a "Demon Medium Tank".  No clue what those mean beyond the obvious.

They both need a paintjob, de-arming, and the BNL logo added somewhere.  These are civilian vehicles, a runabout and a cargo transport of some sort.  No game effects, but they will provide more cover for anyone who needs it.


  1. I'm surprised you aren't using more MechWarrior: Dark Age clix figures. There's a huge variety of models to chose from - normal and powered armor infantry, tracked and wheeled vehicles, hovercraft, VTOLs, small robot sized walkers, and of course large 'Mechs.

    You can pick up MechWarrior Clix singles for 50 cents or so online from a number of sellers - they form the bulk of my 10mm sci-fi collection. (My best buy so far was a bunch of five figure infantry bases for 15 cents a base and free shipping - 3 cent minis!! Unfortunately, that particular sale is long since over, but there are still a lot of great buys on these models out there.)


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