Wednesday, June 6, 2012

D&D Next - Pass

So...D&D Next Playtest.  Tearing up the internet these days, innit?  Some love, some hate, some controversy.  Just another turn of the wheel.

You can add me to the list of those who just can't be bothered with the whole thing. It looks like a decent game with all sorts of new options and countless ways to take pieces of the game and connect them up in surprising new ways.  In the end, though, nothing really blew my hair back.  Rather than spend a few hours working out how to run this new system, I'd just as soon spend a few hours working out how to run my next session.

In the end, I'd rather devote more time to collecting new ways of looking at an old version of the game.  I'd also rather spend my money rebuilding the lost collection of my youth than building a new collection of the latest iteration of the grand-daddy of them all.  If Wizards of the Coast really wants my money, they'll open up the back catalog and starting milking the long tail of their library.

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  1. I'll wait till they print the final edition and playtest it. If it fails to make the Mustard I'll let you know.


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