Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick Project

Banged out a quick terrain piece for the alien world last night.  The colonists need some excuse to move into the neighborhood, and this mining outpost gives it to them.

Lot of blank (advertising space on the front of this piece.  Might fill that up with a printed sign for the owner of the outpost.  Most folks go with Weyland-Utani for a game like this.  I'm thinking about going bigger.  How does this look?
That'd be different, and even more creepy.
Again, all found items glued to an old CD.  The main tank is the top of an old deodorant stick, and the big 'resource extraction' pipes are taken from one of my son's toys - the pipes on the right arm of this guy.  

Tell me that flaming cannonball
couldn't be used for all sorts
of interesting pieces of terrain.
The smaller tanks are plastic lids from (long story long today) soil sampling sleeves.  I did mention I'm a geologist, right?  If you keep your eyes open, you can save all sorts of fun plastic bits from the garbage can at your work place.
Small plastic circular bits,
a staple of the bits box.
Again, the piping is bamboo skewers and the door cereal box packaging.  The maintainence boxes are bits of balsa wood cut to size and shape.  Nothing particularly groundbreaking, but hopefully inspirational nonetheless.

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