Friday, June 8, 2012

Kids Stuff Fivedux Redux

I swear this isn't turning into a Games Workshop blog.  I'm just light on lead of my own to paint, and let's face it - friends don't let friends play with unpainted miniatures.  So I painted up my son's heavy flamers for him, too.  He traded for a pair of Catachan heavies, but he's running Cadians, so a quick conversion with headswaps and adding a shoulder plate turns them into the right kind of troops.

The guy on the left's head broke off while spraying on the protective dull coat.  I glued it back on, but it settled funny, so he's got a lot more attitude now.  These guys equipment doesn't completely jive with the rest of the Cadians, but hey - these are different kinds of troopers.  They run into battle with a ten gallon jug of high explosive gel strapped to their backs.  They aren't quite right in the head.  Their equipment just reflects that.

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