Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Son of Mine!

"But Dad," the boy tells me, "It's okay, everybody plays with unpainted terrain!"

"Not in this house," I bark at him.  "So long as you live under my roof, you'll play by my rules."  Which is a bold faced lie, as 40K is anything but my rules.  We'll let him slide on that one, but some things are simply non-negotiable - like using unpainted terrain.

These are the painted up craters that we built together a week or so ago.  He's off at something called, "Winner's Camp" (which I was excited about until I learned it had no relationship to tabletop gaming) learning how to be a good citizen and apply himself and work well with others by rock climbing and doing other team building exercises.  While he's gone I decided to be a good citizen and apply myself and work well with others by painting his craters for him.

Not too sure about the grassy areas on this one.  The painted grass is okay, but it just doesn't have the same visual appeal as static grass.  Unfortunately, I'm just about out of the stuff and don't have enough to finish these off properly.  They still look a whole lot more presentable than the monochrome version, though.

Lead by example, sometimes that's all a parent can do.


  1. Goodjob sir. my parents where never interested and a lot my stuff including miniatures went unpainted.

  2. I'm not a fan of the current (3rd edition onward) 40k rules and focus on head to head tournament play either. But have you ever tried the original Rogue Trader rules? Designed for GM moderated, scenario driven play using minis from any manufacturer (at any scale!) and terrain like yours built from found items, it's an entirely different experience.


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