Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Little Guys

Back to the 10mm figures, which now seem second nature to me.  This time it's the Pendraken Arthurian legends pack for more heroes.  This pack comes with two each of the swordsmen and one wizard.  My daughter will be painting the duplicates, and probably better than I did.  These look sloppy to me - too thick a primer coat, cloudy dullcoat, and overall poor color choices just leave me cold.  Do love how well the magic 8-ball on the wizard's staff turned out, though.

These guys are Irregular's dismounted knights from the Crusader line.  They'll be henchmen for the games, and have thus been given the same black tower on a yellow field standard as the sword wielding henchmen from earlier.

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  1. It's always handy to have a selection of figures armed with a variety of different weapons. I have a 10mm soldier mini armed with a halberd that I figured would only see use as a man-at-arms, but one of players chose to equip their fighter with a pole arm, so now he's been pressed into service as a character model!


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