Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Almost Awesome Storage Solution

Down to the local craft store this past weekend, looking for a small plastic box to house my Mangalorcs between games, and stumbled on this slick little number.  It's a carousel of five small boxes that detach, with a larger and deeper central  bin on top.  It's only nine bucks, and it can probably hold a good 100+ figures in the 15mm scale, with room up top for three or four vehicles.

 It's almost perfect.  Look at how cozy my li'l space bastard are in there...
Cozy is realtor speak for "really small".

There's just one problem...
It's about 2mm too short for any slightly oversized figure, or one waving his pistol and sword in the air.  Yeah, you could put those few figures in the upper bin, but then they wouldn't be together, and you wouldn't have a way to showcase your force in one place.  It totally defeats the whole purpose of the thing.

Back to the store with you!


  1. What? No! It's far too perfectly spaceshippy to not use!

    Just cut out one of the dividers to make a double-height compartment.

  2. I was gonna suggest the above perhaps drill a little section out for the slightly bigger figures pointy bits.

  3. That's just crazy enough to work! I'm totes gonna do it. Thank you kindly.


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