Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just For Fun

I honestly can't think of a use for these little guys (from Ground Zero Games), but had to pick them up and paint them for no other reason than they look like fun.

My daughters claimed the other !Wall-e and !Artoo unit to paint for themselves.  Yes, my little ones, try it just once, first taste is free...


  1. Walking cover or perhaps random shots hit them and they explode?

    Never the less they look great.

    My 15mm order arrived yesterday from the US so I'm chuffed they landed before the Christmas break Looking forward to starting on them soon.

    1. From the US? What'd you order? All my faves are from the UK manufacturers.

    2. Khurasan Exterminators :D Guess what they are for? Bet you can't ? lol

  2. Just give it a little time. It's amazing how often the minis that I don't really need at the moment end up being exactly what I'm looking for as I try out a different system down the road.


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