Monday, December 31, 2012

Pocketmunda - The Adventure Begins

Pocketmunda is a side project for those times when work on the big spaceship is on hold for one reason or another.  A small table of urban terrain in the Necromunda style for 15mm gang fights.  As an easy kickstart to the terrain build, I picked up ten paper mache boxes from the local craft store for about two bucks each. The lids of the smaller boxes can be flipped over to serve as guard rails.  Probably won't use the lids on the bigger boxes. 
The beauty of these little numbers is that they nest inside each other like so:

Which leaves plenty of room for dice, a ground cover cloth, CDs covered with soft cover terrain and difficult ground, and whatever odds and ends crop up during the course of construction.

Still wrestling with the overall look of this terrain.  I know it won't be the classic Necromunda decayed gothic and skull look.  Since my figures will all be proxies, the terrain can be whatever makes sense - or doesn't make sense but looks pretty cool.  I'm flirting with the idea of replicating a giant cargo bay...some clever blogger put together a slick table with that theme.  

Maybe a lost and buried and recently un-buried desert city on a sparsely inhabited alien planet.  That way you could keep the clean lines and softer palette, and still justify fights in uninhabited areas with lost archaeotech and what not.  It would also serve double duty if I ever decided to build up a PocketGorkaMorka game, too.  The mind boggles at the possibilities.


  1. Like the idea, I can see me doing something similar. As mentioned on my blog I have taken inspiration from you and started a self contained Roman Chariot race game table.

  2. The desert board sounds interesting. The buildings could be shacks, some quite generic to fit several settings, and others might be mud huts.

  3. Cool idea, with sticking a little to the Necromunda theme it could be a section of the underhive thats not been accessed for a very long time and could anything from a PA wasteland to a factory or living quarters for the rich


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