Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little Touches

Every little detail added makes the rocket come alive just a little more.  This shot shows some successes in that department.  The engines are starting to look the part with bright green glowy cores surrounded by plastic casements. (Those are the tops of big syringes over a painted bamboo skewer - I got sloppy with the paint because the plastic obscures the things anyway.)  These still need more pipes and grommits and doo-dads, but that can wait for later; I have to resist the urge to cover the whole darn thing with cover everywhere.

The flooring turned out great.  That's just textured shelf liner paper painted black, highlighted silver, and hit with a touch of brown ink.  Looks metallic and dirty and helps give the lower level a darker, more industrial feel to it.

There's a little red toolbox in the lower right corner, so this will eventually become the machine shop/motor pool (if I can find a small vehicle I want to park here - a Firefly-esque mue would make for some fine cover.

Also notice that the vent now has a red number 'stenciled' on to it.  Enter a vent, and the next turn you come out at a random vent.  While painting these, I realized that the vents are better at getting down to the engine level than up near the bridge; there are two vents on the bottom level compared to one on the rest, so that means you have a 1 in 3 chance of coming out in the guts of the ship.  Which makes sense - it's easier to climb down than up.  That's a neat little feature that smart players will be able to exploit.


  1. Looking good. I imagine it will depend on the dice gods fickle as they are as to where they end up.

  2. The vents and the flooring are both great ideas. I intend to try out the shelf liner paper idea - thank you for sharing your techniques!


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