Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sporc Boyz

Quick update with some painted GZG Space Mercenaries.  Brummie pointed out that they look more like the Mangalores from Fifth Element than orcs, but let's be honest here.  Mangalores are just orcs by a different name.  Big, green, ugly warriors? You could call those ugle mugs Cutieponies and they'd still be space orcs.

Meet the crew of the White Fist.  The numbers are there for record keeping purposes.  I'm toying with the idea of putting together a boarding action skirmish game built off the Necromunda engine.

And the heavies.  The guy in the middle is the one with the Imperial Guard breather.  Turned out better than I'd hoped.

So these are my first 15's and they aren't half bad.  I made a few mistakes, and need to develop some new techniques for these guys.  Mostly, what I've done for 10mm and 28mm works, but this size presents some unique challenges.  It's like the same language, but a different dialect.  

Kind figured - that's why the leaderorc was saved for last.


  1. They look great Mangalore sounds better though :D

  2. I agree they do look great!

    It's nice to see that you're getting so much painting done again. (I'm actually a little envious - my own painting table has had a number of primed minis sitting on it waiting for paint for forever now.)


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