Sunday, December 30, 2012

Power Core and Life Support

The lowest level of the big ship now holds the central power core for the craft.  You are looking at (from bottom up) the cap of a gallon of milk, three dowels used to secure wood furniture (think Ikea pegs) between a couple of wooden disks, the cap of a tube of superglue, and a bit of automatic pencil.  The plastic sheath around the three rods was clipped out of the packaging for an iPad cover.  I have no idea where that black bit of pipe came from; it was floating around my bits-box.

Also installed tonight was the small copse of trees featured previously, along with a single palm tree yoinked from my son's toy box.  If memory serves, that came in a desert themed Matchbox car toy.  The toy was already colored, but it needed a paint job to match the rest of the trees in the ship.  The plnater base for the palm tree is a 20mm diameter hex-style base for a 28mm wargame figure.

This whole level will wind up as a hydroponics level. What you see is what we've got for now.  As suitable plants crop up (heh), I'll stick them wherever they fit.  Whatever it takes to shut Bruce Dern up, you know?


  1. Superb love the power cores its perfect for the style you have gone for. Good to see the tree now in place.

  2. The power core turned out great!


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