Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Worse Than That, It's Gym, Captain

Here's a nice open space for a shoot-out.  The ship's gym comes complete with a futureball court and target, and a sparring/wrestling mat.  I'd hoped to do without the Necromunda style yellow and black striped caution marks, but darn it those patterns just plain work.  The boys at GW were onto something with it, even if they did overuse the pattern.  They tend to do that with things...anyone up for more skulls in their 40k?
Ignore the tall door - I've got plans for that.
The small balls are the heads of sewing pins.  They'll stick quite well, after all they come with their own pins.  If you leave about 2mm of the pin in place, you can smash that into the foamcore for extra security.

 If you look across the big hole you can see a small potted plant.  We'll talk more about those tomorrow, along with a new painting I'm particularly proud of.


  1. Oh! Oh! Lets put in some tread mills, an elliptical, free wights and a retractable climbing wall!

  2. Believe me, Moody, if I can figure out a way to throw in some free weights, I will. That gym doesn't have near enough ground clutter or motivational posters on it yet.

  3. ooooo exercise don't they have some new fangled futuristic machine for exercising with out getting out of bed!

    Looks great though

  4. Looking good and you're right - the black and yellow stripes really work well!


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