Sunday, December 23, 2012

Starship Crew, Part 1

The starship is a bit retro, so the crew should also be a bit retro.  Hydra Miniatures makes a great line of figures that would be perfect, if they were 15mm.  This calls for a bit of conversion. The guys publishing  Laserburn figures make some great sort-of-Judge-Dreddish-but-not-really sorts that have the right shoulder pads and skin tight suits, but they all have riot helmets on, too.  The guys over at also make a host of other 15mm figures with heads practically begging for re-assignment.  

Every figure here is based on the Law Officers range, with heads donated from various other lines.  The third guy and fifth guy from the left are unconverted.  The head on the far right is taken from a fantasy archer figure, and the alien head is from the HOF line of figures.

Those of you paying attention will notice that these guys wear the same colors as the ship on which they serve.  That's intentional.  In fact, the intention is to build a ship for each faction of miniatures that I paint up, too.  I've got some ideas for a low-slung ship for those mangalorcs, but we'll see if I can stay motivated that long.


  1. good job!!!!

    we want more!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  2. Nice conversions looks forward to seeing the Mangalorcs cruiser.

  3. "...the intention is to build a ship for each faction of miniatures that I paint up, too."


    You know, lots of us think about doing something like making *a* starship to scale for our miniatures. A few will actually start such a project. And of those, a small minority will actually finish the job.

    But to contemplate tackling multiple terrain boards like that. Wow.



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