Monday, December 24, 2012

Starship Crew, Part 2

More starship crew members today.  Ran out of heads so the twins on the left have to stay that way.  The guy with the big gun...that started life as a GW pistol in a holster.  The guy in the trenchcoat is the only one not from the 'Law Officers' range - he was an adventurer.

While painting these guys up, I realized that they are armed mainly with pistols and close-combat weapons.  The whole unit has one heavy, three rifles, and the rest pistols.  That should help maintain a unique flavor for these guys.  In the confines of a ship, the pistols may work better than rifles - we'll see how it plays out.

Merry Christmas - have a great night and a fun tomorrow!


  1. Looking good perhaps have the big guns as a flechette launcher

  2. Wonderful creations as always. Ever since I was a kid with micro machines everywhere I've been a fan of small scales.

    You're the living proof that small scale can give sooo much detail still!


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